Hudson Children's Book FestivalStudents pilot ChromebooksCitizen Science Superintendent Suttmeier reads to students

The Hudson High School, Junior High, and Intermediate School are piloting programs that use Google Chromebooks to enhance learning.

Undergraduates in the Citizen Science program at Bard College visited the Intermediate School to conduct science experiments with students.

Superintendent Suttmeier read the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin to Mrs. Ohl's class for Read Across America Day.

2014-2015 CALENDAR


School Board Meeting

The Board of Education Regular Meeting on Monday, May 11, 2015 will begin at 7:00 PM in the Hudson High School.

HCSD Fiscal Condition Improving, according to State

The Hudson City School District’s financial condition improved from June 2013 to June 2014, according to the New York State Fiscal Stress Monitoring System. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013, HCSD was rated at 43.3% or “susceptible to fiscal stress” however the rating for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 improved to 11.7%, or “no designation” as determined by a variety of financial indicators. The New York State Fiscal Stress Monitoring System focuses on four main categories; 1. Year-End Fund Balance; 2. Operating Deficits; 3. Cash Position; 4. Use of Short-Term Debt. Each category has specific financial indicators used to determine the fiscal stress of school districts and municipalities throughout New York State. According to the June 30, 2014 results, the HCSD had the 5th best decrease or improvement in Fiscal Stress Scoring. More information is available on the New York State Fiscal Stress Monitoring System. A complete listing of all school districts in New York State and their fiscal stress scores is also available online.

Leccese and Tampasis named valedictorian and salutatorianValedictorian and Salutatorian

Principal Antonio Abitabile is very pleased to announce that Gina Leccese and Adrianna Tampasis have been named Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Graduating Class of 2015. Gina will be attending Siena College in the fall to major in business. Adrianna plans to study science and art at Bard College in the fall. Both young women are members of the National Honor Society, and are very involved in school activities, community service, athletics, and the arts. Read more about them here...

District Insights: Nurturing the whole student, no matter what

In the past several years, the topic of education has become increasingly politicized across the country and our kids know it. When I was asked to present to our Youth Employment Services (YES) program about interview skills several weeks ago, students took a brief divergence from the lesson to ask me some insightful questions about my beliefs. “Do you support the Common Core?” one student asked. She knew that the changes she has seen in her classroom are steeped in national controversy. In short, I told them that I support the educational values contained in the Common Core Learning Standards, but that I believe the state implemented them too hastily. Read more...

Teaching Is the Core Grant

Hudson City School District is part of a consortium of districts led by Questar III that has received a grant to review and improve assessment practices. The "Teaching Is Core" grant, which will serve multiple districts in the area, allows for teams of teachers and administrators to review local assessment practices and implement changes to ensure that tests advance teaching and learning to their fullest potential. The grant also establishes a parent engagement program so that families are provided with the information they need to support their students' learning at home. Read more...

Budget Powerpoint Presentation

On Monday, March 23, the Hudson CSD Board of Education held a budget workshop regarding the 2014-15 tax levy calculation and preliminary budget. Business Manager Robert Yusko presented a Powerpoint that shows an initial draft of projected revenues and expenditures and the projected tax levy. The presentation offers benchmarks for how a 1.96% tax levy increase would affect different individual tax bills in each town within the district. It also presents an explanation of the budget process, as well as budget obstacles, and shows how the tax levy limit and maximum allowable tax levy are calculated. See the presentation here...

Hudson CSD shares survey results

Hudson City School District is sharing the results of a recent survey that asked teachers, students and parents to give their thoughts about how well their schools are performing in important areas such as district leadership and capacity, school leader practices and decisions, and curriculum development and support, among others. According to Superintendent Maria Suttmeier, “The survey showed that our district has made a number of advancements, particularly in school safety. And looking toward a bright future, we will keep building on our accomplishments, while striving to improve areas of concern.” The district reviewed these results with site-level administrators and shared their findings with the Board of Education on Monday, March 23, 2015. See the results…

Baseball team raises most money for cancer researchSt. Baldrick's event

Congratulations to the Hudson boys baseball team, who raised the most money at the St. Baldrick's Foundation Fundraiser for cancer research! The event was hosted by Chatham High School Community Service Club on March 22. Great job, guys!

District Insights: Marching toward Destination Graduation

For many students and faculty, March can be the toughest month of the school year. Well into the third quarter and past the halfway mark, it seems that there is still so far to go. Dreams of summer occupy students’ thoughts while outside the grass is still frozen over. Classes seem to drag on while testing season is fast approaching. For seniors, the dreaded “senioritis” begins to kick in. Colleges make acceptance decisions before students have even completed all of their graduation requirements. After the holiday and winter recesses and before spring break, it seems as though March intensifies with a full month of school days. Read more...

Nominating Petitions for School Board

Nominating petitions for the Hudson City School District Board Election, which will be held on May 19, 2015, will be available beginning March 11, 2015 at the Clerk of the Board's office located at Hudson High School, 215 Harry Howard Ave., Hudson. Click here for more information.

Board approves alternative veterans' exemption

At its meeting on February 23, the Hudson CSD Board of Education voted to approve the Alternative Veterans’ Tax Exemption at the basic maximum exemption levels as defined by the Real Property Tax Law §458. The exemption would be applied to the 2015-16 fiscal year, for school property tax bills this coming fall. Read more...

A letter from the Superintendent

As you may be aware, the United States is experiencing a multi-state measles outbreak that includes several confirmed cases in New York State. At this time there are NO suspected or confirmed cases in the Hudson City School District but we are asking parents/guardians to ensure that their children are up-to-date with their vaccinations. Please take this opportunity to review your child’s immunization records with your family physician or licensed health care provider. See this letter for more information.

Weather in the district

The Hudson City School District has its own weather station! Check the weather in our district by going to our website, scrolling down to Quick Links, and clicking "Weather in the District."

Coaches vs. Cancer

Event raises $1,200 for American Cancer Society

The Coaches vs. Cancer basketball event, led by Hudson CSD coach Shawn Briscoe, raised $1,200 for the American Cancer Society. The event was held at Columbia-Greene Community College on February 7. The boys basketball team sold T-shirts to students and staff to raise money. Thank you to all who bought T-shirts, donated, participated in, and attended the Coaches vs. Cancer game.

District Insights: Standing by our teachers

In his recent State of the State address, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered disparaging and disappointing words to teachers and proposed harsh reforms that would minimize education to a game of win-or-lose. It is apparent to me as a mother and an educator that the governor’s address runs in direct contradiction to evidence of educational success. It appears that the governor is trying to tear educators down in an effort to raise achievement up. Read more...

Letter from superintendent about three-hour delays

The Hudson City School District will continue the option of the three-hour delay in future emergency procedures. Please pay very careful attention to our emergency delay notifications, as they will vary between one-hour, two-hour, and three-hour delays. Click here to read a letter from your superintendent regarding the three-hour delay procedure.

NOTE: A letter was sent home in January regarding three-hour delays prior to the addition of the one-hour delay option. The attached letter, published on February 10, 2015, is edited to include notice of the one-hour delay option.

Community art partnership kicks off

Art Works kicks off

For the first year ever, the Hudson High School is participating in a new partnership called Hudson: Art Works. In this program, 15 students will be paired up with local professional artists to make self-portraits of themselves. Students will be randomly paired with their partners so as to promote new perspectives. Portraits can be made using any medium--paint, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc. From now through April, students will meet with their artist partners on their own time to work on their portraits. The portraits will be presented at the Hudson Opera House in May.

Online Curriculum Maps

The Hudson City School District is pleased to present its curriculum maps. The district is committed to providing a well-articulated K-12 curriculum that supports teachers and parents on behalf of our students. We are one of a very few districts in our region to provide a web based curriculum mapping program for parents, which allows Hudson to be a leader in mapping but also a learner about how to provide helpful mapping information to parents. In order to access the curriculum maps, roll over the “Academics” tab at the top of this page, and click “Curriculum Maps.”

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