Art Works: Hudson Chromebooks Students make food in the F Colonial Day

Art Works: Hudson pairs students with artists in the community to complete a project together. Their work will culminate in an exhibit in May.

The Hudson High School is piloting a program that provides Chromebooks to students to enhance their learning. These laptops can be used to do research, collaborate on documents, take easy-to-edit notes, and more!

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, students at the Intermediate School cook and eat meals with the Farm, Food, and Fun program using ingredients from the Hawthorne Valley Farm.

Mr. Taylor dressed up as a farmer from the 1770s for a lesson on the colonial period! Students practiced using a feather pen and other tools to understand what colonial life was like.

2014-2015 CALENDAR


School Board Meeting

The Board of Education Regular Meeting on Monday, January 26, 2015 will begin at 7:00 PM in the M.C. Smith IS Auditorium. There will be a Curriculum workshop at 6:00 PM in M.C. Smith IS Library. Agenda

Board of Education Agenda and Public Meeting Documents

Public meeting documents related to Board of Education meetings can be found by clicking on the "Agenda and Meeting Documents" link following the meeting announcement on our home page. The entire document is one .pdf file; to avoid printing the entire document, please select only those pages you wish to print.

Letter from superintendent about three-hour delays

The Hudson City School District will continue the option of the three-hour delay in future emergency procedures. Please pay very careful attention to our emergency delay notifications, as they will vary between two-hour and three-hour delays. Click here to read a letter from your superintendent regarding the three-hour delay procedure.

Two MCSIS classes pilot ChromebooksMrs. Parmentier's class uses Chromebooks

Mrs. Parmentier's and Mrs. Semanick's classes are participating in a pilot program to integrate the use of Google Chromebooks into education! Mrs. Parmentier's class kicked off the day with StarWalk, an online library where students can choose from fiction and non-fiction books that are aligned with the Common Core. Then they initiated their Google Classroom lesson which walked students through writing and math assignments at their own paces while Mrs. Parmentier walked around to provide support to students. Mrs. Semanick's class did a "web quest" on author Rick Riordan's website.

Sill and Khan published in anthologySill and Khan Poetry

Congratulations to freshmen students Will Sill and Khadija Khan, whose poems were chosen to be published in The Anthology of Poetry By Young Americans! This annual anthology contains selections from students all across the United States.The anthology strives to engage students to express themselves through verse. Students from Hudson High School have appeared throughout the years in various editions of this anthology. For more information, go to

Noor and Quarat Ain win art awards

Noor and Qurat Ain

Congratulations to Noor and Qurat Ain who placed in the regional eSchoolData Art Contest! Art teacher Liz Albino submitted her students' artwork to the contest in November. Noor's artwork was selected to appear on the eSchool Data login page, and she won the first-place award in the amount of $500. Qurat won the honorable mention award in the amount of $50. Noor and Qurat are sisters in the tenth grade at the high school.

Mr. LaCasse duct-taped to wall for fundraiserDuct Tape Mr. LaCasse

During the boys' JV and varsity home basketball games on Friday, January 16, the Hudson High School Student Council held a special fundraiser to support the Student Council Scholarship. Students had the opportunity to participate in duct taping Associate Principal Bob LaCasse to the wall at the cost of one dollar per yard of duct tape. Mr. LaCasse stood on a stool against the wall while students placed their duct tape, and when he was fully stuck on they removed the stool and watched Mr. LaCasse suspend for a few seconds. This enjoyable event will help pay for a scholarship for a deserving senior at the end of the year.

Community art partnership kicks off

Art Works kicks off

For the first year ever, the Hudson High School is participating in a new partnership called Hudson: Art Works. In this program, 15 students will be paired up with local professional artists to make self-portraits of themselves. Students will be randomly paired with their partners so as to promote new perspectives. Portraits can be made using any medium--paint, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc. From now through April, students will meet with their artist partners on their own time to work on their portraits. The portraits will be presented at the Hudson Opera House in May.

Girls Tennis, Volleyball, and Soccer named scholar-athlete teams

The Hudson Girls Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Soccer, and Girls Varsity Volleyball teams have earned the title of "scholar-athlete teams" for the fall 2014 season. The New York State Public High School Athletic Association awards this title to teams for whom a certain percentage of players earn a 90 average or better on their report cards. The Board of Education recognized the players for their achievements, as they have worked very hard academically and athletically this year.

District Insights: Meeting our resolution in 2015

I would like to wish a peaceful and joyous new year to the families, staff, students, and community members of the Hudson City School District. As with every new year, the turn of 2015 invites us all to take a close look at who we are, at what we have accomplished, and to reflect on what we could do better. The process of setting a resolution can be both exciting and daunting as we try to set our goals high without exceeding our abilities. We want to be optimistic while remaining realistic. Read more...

Check out the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood Video

Check out the new video about the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood (GHPN)! The GHPN is modeled after the highly successful Harlem Children's Zone, and works to create a pipeline of opportunities to better support the children and families of the Hudson City School District. To achieve this, GHPN works on a cradle to career model of education, which includes programs for children and their families beginning with expecting parents and early childhood learning, in-school and out-of-school programs and college and career preparatory programs. For updates or more information please like GHPN on Facebook at

Hudson CSD makes significant progress

It's a successful end to a wonderful year. In 2012, the Hudson City School District's graduation rate was at 59 percent. Administration and the Board of Education set an ambitious goal to increase this rate 15 percent over 3 years. In one year, the district increased its graduation rate by 10 percent, and the recently released rate for the 2010 cohort is at 71 percent for the district and 75 percent for the high school. The district is ahead of schedule and now only needs to increase the rate by 2 to 3 percent or more to meet or surpass its goal. Congratulations to all of the students, faculty, families, and community who have made this success possible.

Hudson Highlights December 2014

The Hudson City School District has released its quarterly eNews for December 2014. Read it to learn about the laptop initiative in the district, alum Sarah Miller, the Hudson Reads program, the Dignity for All Students Act, Buddy the therapy dog, the Junior High's Extended Learning Time program, Family Literacy's Thanksgiving Feast, the winter concerts, and more! Click here to check it out, and click here to receive future eNews to your inbox.

Online Curriculum Maps

The Hudson City School District is pleased to present its curriculum maps. The district is committed to providing a well-articulated K-12 curriculum that supports teachers and parents on behalf of our students. We are one of a very few districts in our region to provide a web based curriculum mapping program for parents, which allows Hudson to be a leader in mapping but also a learner about how to provide helpful mapping information to parents. In order to access the curriculum maps, roll over the “Academics” tab at the top of this page, and click “Curriculum Maps.”

P.E. Teachers present at conferenceP.E. Teachers

Physical education teachers Jeanine Millar and Nancy Graziano presented at the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NYSAHPERD) conference on November 19. Their presentation, “When Common Core Meets P.E.,” demonstrated ways to align physical education curriculum with the Common Core State Standards. Millar, Graziano, and teacher Kevin Bowes have been finding innovative ways to align their lessons with these standards over the last few years. Read more...

District Insights: Thankful for People and Resources

During this season of holiday cheer, I would like to take a moment to recognize all that the Hudson City School District is so privileged to enjoy. We serve a diverse body of good-hearted students, who each in their own way bring so much character and life to our schools. Our faculty and staff always put our students’ well-being at the forefront of every decision they make, and are committed to excellence in everything they do. Our community constantly goes above and beyond to support our students, donating their time and care to ensure that our children receive the best education possible. Read more...

Superintendent featured in EngageNY video

Check out this video to see Superintendent Maria Suttmeier talk about what it means to be a teacher leader! This is part of an effort to celebrate, promote, and sustain teacher leadership statewide. The Hudson City School District has had a Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness grant for two years to fund a district-wide professional developer and lead evaluator, as well as five teacher leader coaches. Superintendent Suttmeier comes in at 1:25.

What Is a Teacher Leader? from EngageNY on Vimeo.

Teaching Is the Core Grant

Hudson City School District is part of a consortium of districts led by Questar III that has received a grant to review and improve assessment practices. The "Teaching Is Core" grant, which will serve multiple districts in the area, allows for teams of teachers and administrators to review local assessment practices and implement changes to ensure that tests advance teaching and learning to their fullest potential. The grant also establishes a parent engagement program so that families are provided with the information they need to support their students' learning at home. Read more...

Ways to help your child attend school every day

The New York State government has launched an initiative to help parents improve their children's attendance. This website offers tips for encouraging your student to attend school every day. It can help you boost your child's confidence, keep your child on track with school work, keep your child healthy, and protect your child from bullies.

District Insights: Dollars for Scholars Program helps Destination Graduation

With the help and support of our families and friends, the Hudson City School District has made great strides toward Destination Graduation this year. The evidence is shown in our test scores, reading levels, community involvement, event success and in our students’ smiling faces every day. But the education pipeline does not begin and end within the confines of our schools. Our students strive to succeed in high school so that they can continue to learn in the colleges and careers that they choose. With the ever-rising cost of tuition and the economic downturn, it is more important now than ever that we, as a community, join together to make college education a reality for our students. Read more...

Out of the Darkness WalkOut of the Darkness Walk

Thirteen Hudson City School District staff and students participated the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk on Saturday, October 25. Altogether, the walk had 144 total walkers, and raised $9,879.33. This annual walk, led by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, honors loved ones, raises money for research about suicide prevention, and increases awareness of ways to prevent suicide.

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