Course Schedule for Summer 2019

Click here for a brief summary of the courses offered this summer and which high schools they are offered at.  More information (days, times, books needed, etc) is available in the Guidance Department. 


Summer 2018 News

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students:


We made it!!  As we embark on our final journey and year, it’s been a fast 3 years.  This year will be exciting, as well as busy.  We have a lot to do and finish.  We will have our Parent/Student meeting on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:00pm in the cafeteria.  PLEASE ALL PARENTS PASS THE WORD AROUND AND MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND!!  I will have all the upcoming dates for our senior year of activities.

This summer, please schedule your child’s senior photo shoot “as soon as possible!” I have included a price list from Molinski Photography.  There is also Ken Bovat (518) 851-6600 or you may wish to use any photographer of your choice.  There are deadlines that must be met concerning the yearbook (information from the Yearbook committee is being mailed and also available at our meeting).

We are still continuing the “Bricks” fundraiser, information included, and the bricks will be “re-laid” this summer with better protection and design.  Upcoming events will be Yankee Candle, Homecoming, Cherrydale Farms, and Concession stand sales September through February 2019.

Homecoming 2018-2019 will be Friday, October 12.  If any senior is planning on running for “homecoming King or Queen”, please send me an email ( over the summer so we will be able to set your tickets aside in September.

Senior dues will be $50!  Each student may start paying on it at anytime or pay the entire amount at one time to me, send it to MC Smith in care of me.  We also have “Hudson Apparel” still available (hoodies – zip up and pull overs $35, long and short sleeve shirts $10-$20, caps/skullies $12, selling all summer and the start of the school year.

Have a great Summer and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me over the summer, I will check emails over the summer.  Have a great one and looking forward to SEEING YOU IN SEPTEMBER!!

Mrs. Yvonne Rice


Yearbook Letter

Yearbook Senior Information Page

Senior Picture Packages Information

Brick Fundraiser

College Tuesdays will begin on Tuesday, September 18 through Tuesday, December 11 in Room 5 with Mrs. Novine and Mr. Payne.  This is to help Seniors with on-line applications.  All Seniors are welcome!

Senior Meetings - parents/guardians will be contacted by counselors to attend the meeting along with their son/daughter between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00pm.  When the appointment has been scheduled the counselors will email the student through their school gmail account inviting them to the meeting.

On-line college applications - if you've applied to college on-line please make sure to notify your guidance counselor so they can send out the proper documentation needed.  Also if  you need a letter of recommendation from counselor or a teacher please make sure to ask them at least 2 weeks in advance.  DO NOT wait till the last minute.