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Summer food program offers free meals to children

The Summer Food Program provides free, nutritious meals to children 18 years or younger during the summer months. Meals are served at the Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School Cafeteria and Oakdale Playground. For more information, view the flyer.

Back to School With Backpack Day

Backpack Day at JLE

On Monday, August 25th, United Stationers of Coxsackie came to John L. Edwards to give students 250 backpacks full of school supplies to help them get their school year off to a wonderful start. On behalf of the parents and teachers of John L. Edwards, Mr. Spicer would like to offer sincerest thanks to Mrs. Naheel Harrison and the United Stationers family for their generosity and service to the children and families of John L. Edwards.View more photos... Posted August 26, 2014


PTA Family Night

Kids enjoying Family Night

Congratulations to the JLE PTA for hosting its first PTA Family Night Fun Voting Night. To encourage our parents to vote, the JLE PTA ordered up some serious family fun. A Bounce House, Dunking booth, hotdogs and lots of treats. Even Mayor Hallenbeck decided to join the fun by volunteering some wet time in our dunking booth. View more photos... Posted May 23, 2014


Little Hawk Friday for May 9

Mrs. Lueck's class enjoying lunch

Congratulations to Mrs. Lueck’s class for being the Little Hawk Class of the Week and winning lunch with Principal Spicer. Posted May 9, 2014


Paper Making Day at JLE

JLE students learn the art of paper making

In Mrs. Curry’s Pre-K class, it is the year 105 A.D. and Emperor Han Ho Ti was just presented the world’s first samples of paper. The class of future entrepreneurs was busy running their own paper factory from cutting old newspapers, to mashing and mixing them in water and then coloring the paper mash and finally pressing the mash onto drying towels. The final product of beautifully colored paper will be presented with flower seeds to their moms for Mother’s Day. The young paper millers even let Mr. Spicer join in and make a sheet of paper for his mom. Go Little Hawks


Two girls push pulp through a strainer     Mr. Spicer joins in on the fun and makes paper with the students

JLE Piggy Banks & Backpacks

JLE Kindergarteners with the backpacks

Joanie Hunt of Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhoods, dropped by JLE to provide each JLE Kindergartner with a backpack and a piggy bank to begin saving now for future college. Information also went home in the backpacks for the children’s parents on how to get an early start with savings plans to support their children towards college or being career ready. Posted April 23, 2014


Too Good for Violence

Mary Minahan and Kelly Crabb from the Catholic Charities Prevention Program, “Too Good For Violence, spent the last few months teaching the JLE children from Kindergarten to Second Grade to be peacemakers. Being a Peacemaker means being a good listener, stopping when you’re angry, solving problems, taking turns and accepting others. JLE is so grateful to Catholic Charities for donating the time and expertise to lead our children to safer, healthier and happier futures. Posted April 23, 2014

Too Good For Violence program students learn to be peacemakers Too Good For Violence program students learn to be a good listener


JLE Kids Welcome Deputy Todd Hyson

Students with Deputy Tyson

As part of a district wide collaboration between the Hudson City School District and the Columbia County Sheriff Office, JLE was assigned Deputy Sheriff Todd Hyson and Deputy Sheriff Wendy Guntert to serve as School Resource Deputies to support the school’s safety and security initiatives. As Deputy Hyson toured the school grounds and discussed safety and security concerns with Mr. Spicer, he was quickly surrounded by JLE admirers, eager to welcome him to the JLE Family!

Posted April 21, 2014

Easter Egg Day in Pre-K

Students in Mrs. Curry's class with their dyed eggs

Mrs. Curry’s Pre-K kids are practicing their sorting, coloring, painting and dying skills as they participate in Easter Egg Day fun activities. Their fine work could end up putting the Easter Bunny out of business. View more photos...

Posted April 11, 2014


Mrs. Groat’s New Arrivals

Mrs. Groat's class with the ducklings

Mrs. Groat is proud to announce the arrive of 7 squawking, pecking new Ducklings. The 7 new ducklings pecked their way out of their shells to join the ranks of Mrs. Groat’s future scientists and researchers who know many facts about the growing, hatching process. Welcome Ducklings. You entered a wonderful family!

Posted April 11, 2014


Little Hawk Friday for March 28

Mrs. Curry's class enjoying lunch

Congratulations to Mrs. Curry’s Little Hawks of the Week! Posted April 1, 2014


Calvin Can't Fly at JLE

Students act out "Calvin Can't Fly" story

"Calvin Can't Fly," Smash Hit at JLE! Julie Kabat and Susan Griss who run the program Beyond Paper & Pencil, presented a dramatic reading of the book Calvin Can't Fly at JLE on Thursday. The production included a performance of the JLE kids, moms, dads, grandparents, community members and teachers acting out the story with songs and sound effects, to the delight of the entire JLE Family. A greater surprise came at the end when it was revealed that Calvin Can't Fly’s author, Jennifer Berne, and illustrated Keith Bendis were in the audience and remained behind to greet fans and sign autographed copies of the book provided to each family by Beyond Paper & Pencil. JLE would like to thank Julie Kabat and Susan Griss for bringing this production to our school and all our wonderful teachers and parents who came out to support our programs and their children and a special thanks to all our JLE performers for an outstanding job! View more photos...

Posted March 28, 2014

Gyotaku at JLE

Students with Fran Martino paint fish

Mrs. Fran Martino is visiting JLE to give the JLE kids the chance to try their hands at Gyotaku or the art of Japanese fish painting. Classes from Pre-K to 2nd grade got the chance to pick and paint a rubber fish and then print the image on paper for a wonderful piece of art work. As the children painted, Mrs. Martino also talked to them about eating healthy, including fish in their diets and the ecology of the Hudson river. View more photos...

Posted March 27, 2014


Little Hawk Friday for March 14

Mrs. Below's class enjoying lunch

Congratulations to Mrs. Below’s Little Hawks of the Week! Posted March 14, 2014


JLE Talent Show

Two students singing

Student singing

This past Friday, the JLE kids pulled out all the stops at the first Annual JLE Talent Show. During the 25 act show, the JLE kids showed off their singing, dancing, comedic, juggling and acrobatic skills to a packed house of parents, grandparent, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and community members. Congratulations to the JLE PTA for sponsoring the event. Posted March 11, 2014

Student dancing at the talent show           Student singing
Student singing           Student dancing

PTA Book Fair returns to JLE

Students listen to John Farrell

The Wildly Popular JLE Book Fair is Back! The PTA is sponsoring the its annual book fair to the total delight of all the JLE kids. All kinds of books are now on display for purchase including books at a bargain prices. Parents should hurry to book fair it ends this Friday. Posted March 11, 2014


John Farrell visits JLE

Students listen to John Farrell

Singer-songwriter John Farrell visited with the JLE second graders last week. Together, Mr. Farrell and the children wrote the words to a Peace song he is writing with children all around the world. Mr. Farrell will soon be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,  to unfurl a banner honoring the children of the world. Posted March 11, 2014


Pre-K Hawaii Day

Students learning to Hula

Last week our Pre-K class took a field trip to the Aloha State. Celebrating the dance, music and foods of our 50th State Hawaii! Posted March 11, 2014


Little Hawk Friday for March 7

Mrs. Dodig's class enjoying lunch

Congratulations to Mrs. Zito's class, Little Hawk Class of the Week! Posted March 4, 2014


Dr. Seuss Day

Steven Spice reading to students

Monday, March 03, JLE’s Headstart Program celebrated Dr. Seuss Day, by inviting guest readers to class. Mr. Spicer was quick to volunteer and join the fun reading Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book. Posted March 4, 2014


Little Hawk Friday for February 28

Mrs. Zito's class enjoying lunch

Congratulations to Mrs. Zito's class, Little Hawk Class of the Week! Posted March 4, 2014


Taking on the Snow

This week, the JLE First Graders took on old man winter with gusto as they snow shoed through mountains of snow. Posted February 28, 2014

Mrs. Cordato's Class

Students in Mrs. Cordato's class ready for snow shoeing.
Students in Mrs. Cordato's class ready for snow shoeing.


Students in Mrs. Cordato's class ready for snow shoeing.


Mrs. LaPorto’s Class

Students in Mrs. LaPorto's class ready for snow shoeing.
Students in Mrs. LaPorto's class ready for snow shoeing.


Mrs. Cartwright’s Class’ Construction Project!

Students in Mrs. Cartwright's class assemble gingerbread houses

Mrs. Cartwright’s class with help of some Mommies and Daddies began the tasty construction of candy coded gingerbread houses. This annual holiday construction project is only as fun to build as it is to pull apart. Posted December 19, 2013

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JLE Holiday Project

Mrs. Lupoli with a Toy Story Woody figure

The North Pole wing of JLE is stocked to the rafters with toys, clothes and bicycles. This year’s Holiday Project, led by JLE’s wonderful Mrs. Lupoli and supported by all the teachers, staff and JLE community is a wild success! Every family who asked for gifts or clothing was able to receive, thanks to the kind hearts of all our donors and the hard work of the JLE Family. The JLE Family would like to thank the entire Hudson City School District Community for their generosity and help in bringing Santa to as many of our children as possible. Posted December 17, 2013

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