Students pilot Chromebooks students stand with blue recycling bins Two girls tends to a school garden behind the building Career Day

Hudson CSD has invested in tablets and Chromebooks for all of our students, in grades K–12, to use as learning tools (as part of the 2016-17 approved budget).

A science class started a recycling initiative at Hudson Junior High School.

Mrs. Howard's science class tends to their shallots and asparagus behind the school.

Hudson Junior High School held Career Day! Community members came to speak to students about their jobs, and gave them advice on breaking into the field.



After School Tutoring for Grades 6-8

After school tutoring is now available through our partnership with the Hudson Area Library and the Bluehawk Nation After School Program. The tutoring program is open to students in Grades 6-8 and will take place from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at the Hudson Area Library (51 N. 5th Street, Hudson).

If you would like your student to participate, please contact the Jr. High Guidance Department at 518-828-4360 ext. 8308 to let us know you are planning to send your child. There is limited space available so please contact us as soon as possible.   

Changes to Bus Routes

September 27, 2017 -- In an effort to decrease the amount of time some of our students have been waiting for their afternoon buses home, the district has opted to add four new bus routes, which has reduced waiting time considerably. In addition to the new routes, the existing routes 10, 11, 12, and 13 have been adjusted as well. Please refer to this notice (PDF) which gives a description of each route, the locations and grades they serve.

As indicated in the notice, all the routes in question now start at 7 a.m. – which gives time for all students to get breakfast if they choose to do so. At dismissal there are no longer any “B” runs – your student will not have to wait for their bus to return for the second run – and they will board at dismissal or as soon as the bus arrives to load at their building. Please expect to make changes to the time you were meeting your student at the stop or when they are dropped off in the afternoon – all "B" run students will be home / at the stop approximately 20 minutes earlier than they currently are.

The changes are scheduled to begin on Monday, October 2, 2017 so please be prepared for the new routes and times to take effect on that date. If you need to make other arrangements with sitters, please be sure to send a letter in writing to your child’s main office for the changes to take effect.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we implement these changes. It is with the safety and best interests of all our students in mind that we continuously striving to improve our transportation department and how we transport our students each day.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call your child’s building or the Transportation Department at 518-828-4360, ext. 2103.

Updates to Bus Routes

September 11, 2017 -- Due to some timing issues with dismissal, we will be shifting the order of the routes for Bus 2 in the afternoons only. Currently, we start by picking up Route 4 from the JHS first at dismissal. However, starting Monday, September 18, we will be starting with Route 6 at the MCSIS building and then coming up to pick up Routes 4 and 5 from the JHS.

Route 6 MCSIS - Due to this change your students' bus will be dropping them off at the bus stop in the afternoon immediately after dismissal - they should be dropped off at their stop at approximately 2:45 to 2:50 p.m.

Route 4 & 5 JHS - Due to this change your students' bus will be dropping them off at the bus stop in the afternoon approximately 20 minutes later then it currently does.

There are no changes to the morning pick-up and all three routes will remain the same. If you have questions, please call 518-828-4360, ext. 2103.

Download the letter from the HCSD Transportation Department (PDF).

Important Vaccine Information

Beginning September 1, 2016, students entering 7th and 12th grades must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease in order to attend school in New York State. Learn more about the meningococcal vaccine school requirement on the NYS Department of Health website, or download this one-page fact sheet.

Ways to Help Your Child Attend School Every Day

Every day counts!

The New York State government has launched an initiative to help parents improve their children's attendance. This website offers tips for encouraging your student to attend school every day. It can help you boost your child's confidence, keep your child on track with school work, keep your child healthy, and protect your child from bullies.

Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You!

This year, some HCSD teachers are piloting a communication platform called LivingTree in order to share important information with the parents of their students. Parents will be able to receive messages, photos, event notifications and more directly from their child's teacher. LivingTree even has instant translation for more than 40 languages!

So if you see an email in your inbox from LivingTree it is not junk, it is from your child's teacher!

Get more information and quick start guides here >>

Help Hudson JHS by Enrolling Your Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card!

Price Chopper Tools for SchoolsHave you linked your Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card to our school? Simply sign up and shop to help Hudson Junior High School earn free classroom equipment and supplies, all donated by the Price Chopper "Tools for Schools" program! Click here to read a letter about enrolling your Price Chopper AdvantEdge card to earn equipment and supplies for Hudson JHS.

Enroll your card at the Price Chopper Tools for Schools site. The school code for HJHS is: 16141

Authors Visit Ahead of Hudson Children's Book FestivalTorrey Maldonado reads to sixth graders

Each year, on the Friday before the annual Hudson Children's Book Festival, attending authors and illustrators visit K-8 students in the Hudson City School District.

Torry Maldonado (left) is a favorite author among our students, and came back again to speak with sixth graders at Hudson Junior High School. He read an excerpt from his most recent book, "Secret Saturdays."


Class Survey Reveals What Students Learned

Post-it notesMs. Zucker had students in her Health class fill out an "End of Semester" survey. After completing the survey, they had a class discussion to share their thoughts and ideas. Then, students wrote one “Take Away,” or valuable thing they learned, from the course and displayed them on a poster in the classroom. A few examples are: "Learning to get along with people while working with them," "how to deal with serious situations," "healthy eating," the "mental health unit," and "different ways of communication [that make] me see everything in a different view."

Ms. Zucker finds the feedback incredibly helpful in tweaking lessons and activities for the next semester. More importantly, she thinks it is encouraging, even empowering, to give students the opportunity to provide their teacher with feedback.

Supply Lists (2017-18)

Get the 2017-2018 school supplies lists for Grades 6-8 here.

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