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Hudson Reads is a great undertaking and involves the help of many community members. Research has found that a typical middle-class first grade student has been read to an average of 1,000 to 1,700 hours prior to entering school. However, a student in a low-income family, as many of our students are, has had only 25 hours of reading time when entering first grade. This is an area in which our district is in dire need.

The mission of the Hudson Reads program is to promote children’s literacy and a love of learning through paired reading experiences with caring individuals. This is how you, as a community member can help.

Through the Hudson Reads School Power Lunch program, students are paired up with a community member that is able to make a school-year commitment to the program. These mentorships help students in building confidence, self-esteem and academic skills, as well as a love of reading and learning. 

Hudson Reads has other programs that will be going on throughout the year as well. During lunch/recess time there will be alternate recess activities such as; Enrichment Book Clubs for each grade level, Board Game Clubs and Physical Fitness Clubs. In-school mentorships will also be created with our Readers as Leaders program. This will pair older students with our younger students in the school to read together and have conversations about their books. In the evenings we will be offering several Literacy Celebrations for both students and their families along with members of our community. These celebrations will offer guest speakers, presentations and activities parents can do with their children. 

We hope that you will be able to help our students in some way. Please remember that even if you are unable to support our students with your time, tax deductible donations to help buy books and supplies will be gratefully accepted through the newly formed Hudson City School District Community Endowment Fund.

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